1.4 billion people already live in

areas that are running out of water.

And poor people are those suffering the most.


663 million people

- 1 in 10 -

lack access to safe water.



Provides solution to water related problems.

Every year we use a massive 4 trillion cubic meters of freshwater

0% Earth water that can be used for drinking
0l Water needed to grow food for 4 people
0l Water lost by a leaking faucet a year

“Water is the driving force in nature.” Leonardo da Vinci

Our Mission

  • Saving water

    The increase in the world’s population highlights our need to solve the water problem. Compared to today, we will have to support an additional 2.7 billion people with water in 2050 requiring twice the current supply of water.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Dynamic pricing, also referred to as surge pricing or demand pricing, is a strategy in which businesses set flexible prices for water based services based on current user demands. 

  • Dissemination

    Water problem’s awareness has to be increased in order for the people to realize that they need to put actions into motion.

  • Tighter cooperation

    Bringing together water consumers, producers and distributers can lead to a better understanding of each other’s needs and problems. Our project connects all the interested parties, allows them to connect and exchange ideas and resources.