U1-2: Decision support system for efficient water management at municipal water company


Input data for the DSS include detailed information about the structure of water distribution systems. This information and particularly the network lengths can be used to identify parts of the network where leaks are the highest and where the maintenance works can be of great importance.

Decrease of leaks per network length.
Leakage calculated as the indicator KPI_U1_WP4_1, will be used to identify sections of network most prone to leak.

Calculation method

Leakage and its reduction (KPI_U1_WP4_1) were divided by the network length. Calculations were done for 4 validation trials and resulted in gathering the information about hourly leakages per network length in all WDS sections in both case study areas (Skiathos and Sosnowiec).

Target value

Up to 5% decrease

0 Achieved result

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