U2-1: The reduction of peaks in water and energy distribution


The DSS at urban level developed as a part of the WP4 provides information regarding the water pressure in the entire distribution system. This pressure is a result of the optimisation of the PRV regulation. The optimisation has 2 goals: 1) to ensure meeting of forecasted water demands and 2) to ensure desired pressure in critical points. Consequently the DSS informs what the lowest possible pressure is at the two WDS. Application of such pressure allows to significantly decrease peaks in pressure.

Reduction of pressure at night. Pressure in the WDS in the nights will be calculated for the optimised PRV operation and compared to the pressure observed without the application of the DSS.

Calculation method

A difference between the pressure calculated for the WDS before and after the DSS application. The calculation will be done for night hours only.

Target value

Up to 5% decrease

0 Achieved value

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