U2-3: The reduction of peaks in water and energy distribution


The DSS at urban level allows to calculate water leaks (indicator KPI_U1_WP4_1). Basing on these leaks it is possible to assess what amount of water is needed to be pumped to the WDS in case of the application of optimised pressure in PRV, suggested by the DSS. Decreasing of the amount of pumped water results in the decrease of energy require for the pumping.

Energy savings(how much) by the scheduling (quantity and timing) of pumping.
For the demonstration site in Skiathos (Greece), the amount of water pumped to the WSD without the application of the DSS will be compared with the amount of water which includes the decrease in leaks resulting from pressure optimisation.

Calculation method

Part of the KPI_U1_WP4_4 regarding the use of energy for the pumping purposes.

Target value

Up to 5% decrease

0 Achieved result

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