U2-4: The reduction of peaks in water and energy distribution


In addition to the identification of sections of WDS where the leakage is dominating, the DSS provides a possibility to identify network sections with the highest peaks in pressure. In such sections the risk of leaks and bursts is higher.

Calculation method

Number of land zones where the pre-set maximum pressure is exceeded. Detection of vulnerable spots in the WDS. Land zones where the pressure increases rapidly are the areas most prone to leakage and pipe bursts. This KPI compares the number of land zones that are now less prone to leakage and pipe bursts, as a result of the DSS-pressure management optimization scheme.
In addition to the statistics summarising the numbers of exceedances, also “before” and “after” maps of these vulnerable areas in the network are provided.

Target value

Up to 5% decrease

0 Achieved results

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